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Gamification can be highly motivating, for both internal employee performance and customer loyalty.

It’s the practice of structuring everyday tasks into a game-like format so as to increase the level of role-playing and point gaining—simulating a game being played—by incorporating goal-setting, integrating online tools, and offering real-time feedback.

There’s something intrinsically motivating about the pursuit and subsequent attainment of a reward—so much so that the dopamine levels in our brains increase as the result of playing a game.

Whether for use in training employees, competing for sales records, or as incentives for customers, gamification is a clever way to increase levels of participation and enjoyment while helping the proverbial “bottom line” at the same time.

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Curriculum development is a process of improving the curriculum. Various approaches have been used in developing curricula. Commonly used approaches consist of analysis (i.e. need analysis, task analysis), design (i.e. objective design), selecting (i.e. choosing appropriate learning/teaching methods and appropriate assessment method) formation ( i.e. formation of the curriculum implementation committee / curriculum evaluation committee) and review ( i.e. curriculum review committee).

The shaping phase involves reviewing the strengths and gaps in current curriculum, looking at current research for each subject, identifying the evolving needs of students, a review of the curriculum in other provinces, territories and countries.

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With eLearning becoming increasingly popular, integrating effective interactive assessments has become crucial to assess learners' knowledge and find out if they fully understand the subject matter. Offering a complete suite of interactive assessments development solutions, we support educational institutions, universities, enterprises and trainers in not only gauging learners' understanding of the subject matter but also promoting high-quality learning.

Our interactive assessments development services are engineered to provide accurate feedback to the learners after careful analysis of their skills, knowledge, interests, attitudes, etc. We are proficient at developing a range of interactive assessment solutions with exercises like multiple-choice questions(MCQs).

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If you need any consultation over Integratiion of Gamification, Curriculum Development or Assessment Development, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you the required guidance over these areas.



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