5 career mistakes to always avoid

How do you ensure your career moves in the right direction? By doing what the boss asks you to do? By treating your colleagues nicely? By trying to be the “good, disciplined employee” everyone loves to hang out with? No!

You career advancement has got nothing to do with how you behave with the office staff or bosses. You should know how to do your “job”. You should work on enhancing your skills. Moreover, you should keep in mind 5 career mistakes you must NEVER make:

1. Burning bridges – Nope!

One misjudged moment can ruin your growth opportunity in terms of promotion or worse – a new job! Always treat others with respect and avoid gossiping – be it with your boss, team members, colleagues or clients! Don’t post any nasty tweet or comment on social media against anyone from the office. Be smart.

2. Not challenging yourself enough

If you think you don’t need stay updated with the latest trends and industry news, you are wrong. You must soak in as much information as you can in your professional heydays. Be an asset to your company. Never stop learning. Today, mobile apps such as Empass have made it easy to assess job skills on-the-go. Next time you feel you need to test yourself, take some quizzes and score yourself.

3. Tossing that resume aside

Even if you have a dream job, don’t let your resume turn stale till you begin hunting for the next job. This is because when you sit to update your resume, you won’t be able to remember half of the things you have accomplished in your current firm. So keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated.

4. Not networking

If you keep turning down invitations to seminars or casual get-togethers, how will you meet new people from your industry? Be social. Many people receive job offers because of “who they know” and not “what they know”.

5. Not giving your 100%

If you don’t give your best shot, it means you don’t care much for your job or simply because you are lazy. None of the reasons are welcomed in the professional arena. Try to be a better version of yourself and challenge yourself.

So, follow these rules to take giant leaps in your career. Trust us: you will not falter!


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