Preparing For The Campus Placement Is Easy; Takes A Dash Of Hard Work Though!

Is there anything better in the world than kickstarting your career with your dream company? Nah, we don’t think so! And when that dream company of yours, plans to visit your college for campus placements, you have got to get your A-game sorted – naturally! However, bagging a job is not as easy as it looks.

Did you know 66% of HR managers don’t want to hire graduates because they feel the newbie group is not ready to enter the corporate world? This is a huge number given the number of graduates passing out in our country each year.



While graduates try their best to create a compelling portfolio, work on their communication skills and general knowledge, and research about potential employers – sometimes all that is just not enough! Sometimes, one needs to work on his or her personal branding to bag that “dream job”. Take note:

1. Build a digital portfolio

When the whole world is online, why should you be left behind? Showcase your hard work put in classes and during internships and outside on the field on that platform. Remember to add its link to your resume. Hiring managers prefer prospects who go out of their way to showcase their abilities and talent. And what’s better than owning a website to your name?

2. Learn to code

Yes, it sounds odd but understanding the basics behind the web is useful in almost all industries. Sign up for an online class if your busy schedule allows that or download Empass App and work on your skills by learning using  bite-sized tests while on-the-go!

Adding a skill related to computer science to your portfolio certainly puts you in a better position. Sometimes, being a jack-of-all-trades is not that bad!

3. Pick a new language

In today’s global economy, knowing multiple languages is actually seen as an advantage. Besides English, Spanish, French and Chinese are the three widely-spoken languages in the world. Having that as a skill on your resume will certainly pique the interest of hiring managers. Plus, it also makes you look more outgoing and convivial.

4. Pick up freelance work

While internship certainly gives college students a taste of the corporate world, it is more of an involuntary and mandatory exercise. We are not saying that is bad, but the point is, if you are able to approach firms on your own to help them run their brands effectively, there’s nothing like it!

Working on a freelance basis will not only help you better your professional skills but also make you a more confident individual. So take up more gigs in your free time!

5. Volunteer with a community

Try something new to break up the monotony. Either join a social club or a non-profit organization, and tie your volunteering to a professional passion of yours. Whatever you do gets added to your resume and overall personality. Plus, the more you go out and do stuff, the better it is. No one wants to hire a person who spends hours reading books but never applying that knowledge anywhere!

Be a bit unconventional. Think of the grand scheme of things, and not just bagging a job. Make a career. Take steps that will propel to new heights of success!


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