Offbeat internships: Choosing the road less taken

“Internship” is one of the most important chapters of student life because it gives you the kind of exposure you require before joining an industry of your choice. It gives you an idea of the type of work that is expected from you and the skill set needed to survive.

An internship offers you the chance to try different things you may not necessarily take up in your professional life. A lot of students these days intern to try out new things, explore new territories and gather experience that will help them in making a better decision about the career path they wish to choose.

It is common for students to take up standard internship offers such as journalism; students intern in news channels or newspapers. Then there is another class of students who intern just to get exposure of working in different fields – which are not necessarily related to their academic curriculum.

Let’s look at some offbeat internship options:

1. Social work

Students intern with an NGO to understand what it takes to work in a non-profit agency and what kind of work is done on daily basis. This helps them contribute to the society, apart from garnering valuable experience that shapes their future.

2. Performing arts

A few MBA institutes in India have made performing arts as a part of their curriculum. Such institutes try to teach management concepts through theatre and art. Hence, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for anyone with an artistic inclination to intern with a theatre group. Apart from nourishing your artistic soul, you’ll end up learning a lot on managing a team, any crisis and of course, people!

3. Celebrity management

This works really well for those who want to take up public relations (PR) as their profession. Celebrity management gives you training in areas such as stress management, event management skills, negotiating skills, etc.

4. Event management

With the event space in India booming right now, it isn’t difficult to get an internship with an event management company. It’d be a perfect one if you are looking at having fun. If you are into organizing various events among your friends or in your college, this would not be difficult for you.

5. Sports marketing

India has become the hub of sports leagues. With the success of IPL, ISL and PKL, sports marketing has become a viable career option. With leagues happening almost round the year, you could definitely try your luck with any sports franchise. It is a very exciting and dynamic field where the line between work and fun disappears.

If you have ever done any exciting internship, do write to us!


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