Why engineers rule every profession they choose

“Only engineers can see hidden lines and missing curves” – Unknown

Despite the downfall of fresh jobs for engineers, this field is still popular among students in our country. The reasons for this are many but one thing that really stands out is the poor quality of education and of course – recession that has hit freshers of our country like no one’s business!

There are normal working professionals and then there are engineers. This is one breed that effortlessly epitomizes the word “jugaad” more than anyone else. From meeting rather impossible deadlines to being at the forefront when it comes to soaking in pressure – this engineering crowd stands out in every way!

So why is that despite everything freshly minted engineers are still highly regarded in India? What qualities do they have that other student groups or professionals don’t? Learn here:

1. They can TAKE pressure like a pro.

Thanks to the mountain of assignments they have to complete during those dreadful college years, they can pretty much handle anything and everything. And yes – they also tick away most of the things recruiters look for in a candidate when it comes to fresh jobs or exciting offers.

Engineering students develop a totally different attitude while they pursue their degree. They develop skills they are rather forced to learn in order to survive their 4-year-long tenure at college. Engineers are wired to solve a problem not only efficiently but also smartly.

Hence, this gives them a slight edge over other students and subsequent job seekers when it comes to handling a crisis.


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