Importance Of Vocational Training During Formal Education, And New Skills You Can Learn

A Boston Consulting Group states that India will have a surplus of 56 million working people by 2020. Currently, only 10% of the youth population in our country has proper vocational training. This alarming number has promoted the government to make vocational training a top priority and to train 500 million people by 2022.

As a school or college-going student, did you ever take up any vocational courses? For most of you, the answer is a straight off “no”. But now most schools and a large number of colleges are taking the initiative to impart vocational or soft skill training to students. Let us explore a few of its benefits first:

1. Pragmatic in nature

Whether you take training in computer science or animation or learn a new language, almost all vocational courses require practical participation, and not just theoretical. This makes the whole learning process more enjoyable. What would you choose? – reading a book or taking an assessment test on your mobile app? The latter.

2. Job readiness

Any form of vocational training would make you adapt to the corporate world much faster. Since it mostly involves field work, your skills and abilities to perform a job become better. This, along with your college degree, can give your confidence a real boost and make you job-ready!

3. Better social skills

Attending school or college and mingling with classmates is one thing. But getting trained on a specific subject matter with people from different backgrounds is a whole new experience! Vocational training can enhance your ability to interact with others; it can make you more social.

4. Instills out-of-the-box thinking

If your nose is buried in a textbook for all your student life, it will only expand your thinking to a certain extent. The process of analyzing information by observation, reflection or experience will be limited, and it would hamper your future career prospects. With vocational training, you can expand your horizons a bit more, consume more information.

Want to learn a new skill? Here are our Empass’ top 5 picks:

a. Animation

Whatever field of study you are in, technical knowledge on animation does look good on the resume because visual content consumption is at its peak!

b. Foreign language

French, German or Spanish – be a global citizen. A multilingual ability is definitely a competitive edge over others on an international platform.

c. Business communication

Degrees in business communications cover managing and leadership strategies. It’s perfect for MBA students. Empass offers micro-certifications in this. Visit our website.

d. Digital marketing

Taking a vocational course in this sounds rather odd, but since this is the future it is best to get started with at least the basics. Take tests and enhance your skills with Empass.

e. Social work

Although some colleges have it as a mandatory course in their curriculum, working with an NGO only gives a more emotional outlook towards everything, but also teaches empathy. It ensures the emotional growth of a person.

What other vocational courses can you think of?



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