Be the company that uses social media to hire

Social media hiring is at an all-time high. Currently, 92% companies use social media – most particularly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – to hire the best of the best in the market. Naturally, they are benefiting in 3 ways:

Candidate quality has improved.
It takes them less time to hire.
There’s an increase in employee referrals.
In a nutshell, social media has made the hiring process a lot simpler than what it used to be several years ago. Unfortunately, there are still 36% companies that have not used social media for recruiting talent…yet.

Therefore, if you as a recruiter haven’t started using the platform to hire, then you must. The process is relatively easy and all you have to do is keep several points in mind, such as these:

1. Use the right keywords: Social media offers a vast pool of potential candidates and hence, it is easy to get distracted. Therefore, be specific about the job profiles you are hiring for. It doesn’t matter which social platform you are on, use simple keywords such as “graphic designer”, “web developer”, “content writer”, etc. to make your selection process smoother.

2. Know the right social platform: You will not find suitable talent on one specific platform. You will have to conduct your own research. For instance, GritHub is apt for hiring software developers. Similarly, Dribbble is solely for graphic designers. For hiring experienced and senior professionals, HeadHoncho.com is the best. There are different platforms to cater to different recruiting needs.

3. Join useful groups and apps: Whether it is Facebook or LinkedIn, you must make the most of the platform by becoming a part of job hunting groups. This way, it is easier to spot the interested candidates in a lesser period of time.

There are also a number of global skill development platforms that you can use – the most prominent being Empass. The job seekers use it to test their existing recall, comprehension, analytical abilities in one core skill in a game-like manner through the smartphone.

Hence, if you are looking to hire for the profile of a “Java developer”, then you can make a list of users who have scored the highest in that particular skill.

4. Work on company’s social profiles: Don’t forget to add social value to your own company. Keep all the profiles updated and use them regularly for not only hiring purposes (such as posting or tweeting) but also for maintaining the company’s online image.

Examine your online presence from an employee’s point of view and work on areas which can help your company come across as the go-to place to every potential candidate. There’s no doubt that social media is the buzzword in the recruitment world. Therefore, make full use of it.


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