Creating a career portfolio? Read this.

When San Francisco-based Nina Mufleh sent a job application to her dream company “Airbnb”, it caught the CEO’s attention instantly. Why? Click here and you will get it. She made an online resume/portfolio that not only spoke about her past experience but also showcased her knowledge in the travel industry and how she could be an asset to Airbnb.

So, you are job hunting. You know you have skills you want to bring out on the table – but don’t see how they can fit in your resume. What to do you? You create a career portfolio to help you demonstrate your capabilities and work experience.

Even though it is a rather creative task, more and more job seekers now keep a portfolio – online/offline – to stay updated on the projects they work. In fact, most hiring managers insist on seeing a career portfolio nowadays.

So what points must you keep in mind while creating one? Read on:

Choose a theme

Whether you are a web developer or a digital marketer – your theme should define your profession. So pick a layout that allows you to showcase your works in the best possible way. Look at the theme (see the image below) picked by the person. It’s visual – given the nature of the work.

Your works should be properly dated, summarized and hyperlinked (if required). The interviewer should get a clear picture instantly just by looking at the content.

Get feedback

You may feel you have done a great job but the truth is a little criticism never hurt anyone. Ask your family, friends and colleagues for a feedback. Get their opinion on the content and style of the portfolio and the impact it makes.

Be you own judge by calibrating your true skill levels

The biggest complaint most hiring managers make is that resumes ‘tell’ what most applicants can’t ‘show’ during the interview. While this is a difficult problem for recruiters, you as a job seeker can do your best to comprehensively and objectively assess a particular skill before claiming your proficiency level in the resume.

A global skill development platform like Empass helps you achieve that. The fact that it tests your existing recall, comprehension, analytical abilities in one core skill at a time in a fun, game-like manner, right from your friendly smartphone makes it convenient and reliable.

Lastly, don’t forget to attach your 2-page resume, along with proper contact details. There is no right or wrong way of building a portfolio. Make it in whichever you want to. Your aim is to impress the recruiters with skills you can actually ‘show’ and get that job, not to just get shortlisted. So differentiate yourself and, let your creative juices flow!


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