The world has gone mobile: How this affects hiring, training and assessments

Millennials have grown up with mobile phones. They are comfortable using them. Make no mistake about it: millennials are native digital users and undoubtedly, the largest tech-savvy force history has ever seen!

They don’t hesitate to study from mobile apps or even take skill tests for employment purposes. To them, mobile gadgets offer a platform for gamified assessments and they have embraced the new technology with open arms.

Although the personal use of mobile gadgets is on a rise, their deployment is at a fairly nascent stage in corporate hiring programs – or let’s say it was. A study by Gartner predicts that by 2020 at least 20% of organizations will include mobile-driven employee engagement via HR and IT departments.

This means the corporate world is slowly warming up to the idea of going mobile. Here are 3 ways it positively affects hiring, training and assessments for them:

Hiring is faster and better

1. Improved communications: The first digital place a potential employee visits is the company website on the phone. They try to gauge the company’s brand value via mobile. Therefore, the user experience should be simple, smooth and straightforward.

Moreover, through the mobile platform the HR team can actually speed up the process and give a quick response (whatever it is) to the candidates. Communications improve for both parties thanks to mobile phones.

2. Identify local candidates: With the use of GPS technology, the company can target potential talent in the vicinity. This again expedites the hiring process as the company can directly message information to the targeted candidates about current vacancies through SMS, social media posts, emails, newsletters – all marketing platforms that can be received on mobile phones.


3. Find real-time candidate info: Social media is helpful in finding background information about potential employees. LinkedIn and Facebook are widely used to identify talent pool and pick up candidates for suitable job openings in the company.

In short, companies are increasingly making use of social media marketing services to ensure they spread the right word and to the right audience to make their hiring processes simpler.

Employee training is more successful

Employees are not children who have to be ordered to see long training sessions, read huge outdated manuals and attend all workshops – whether or not they like it. Moreover, organizing training programs is a costly affair for the company.
But with the use of mobile gadgets, employment engagement can be increased and corporate expenses can be reduced. The manuals can be converted into colourful infographics or innovative videos that the employees can access from anywhere – flight, on way to work or even before going to bed.

And if the company wants to ensure the information has been consumed, it can always embed a quiz in the digital file – thus, gamifying the entire process. Moreover, the e-manuals can be updated periodically so that the employees are always informed about the new happenings and events in the company and the industry.

No employee would mind taking a fun skill test for the sake of his or her employment – provided it is presented in a fun manner.

Assessments motivate the employees

Everyone likes to be rewarded. As soon as the company converts the performance and appraisal system into a game – it instantly grabs the attention of the employees! Whatever tools (quizzes) are used to gauge the performance, they can be customized.

As soon as the gamified assessment begins, it becomes easy to achieve valuable insights about the employee and his or her performance and get a fair idea about the strengths and weaknesses. And with assessments comes the needs to offer giveaways to outstanding employees – which is definitely a bonus.

All-in-one mobile app…

Global skill development platform such as Empass can be used to test existing recall, comprehension, analytical abilities in one core skill in a game-like manner through the smartphone. It is specifically helpful for candidates who are unsure of their skills and want to work upon them.

Hiring managers, on the other hand, can make use of this mobile app to bring on board talent the company is exactly looking for. Empass offers a win-win situation for both parties – provided it is used to its full potential.


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