5 Uses Of AI in Recruitment That Will Take 2019 By Storm

Since the advent of the Application Tracking System (ATS), recruiters across the globe have leveraged technology to make their jobs easier. For instance:

  • Big Data analytics has enabled talent acquisition specialists to make strategic hiring decisions.
  • Candidates can look for jobs on their smartphones thanks to job search apps like Indeed and Naukri.com.
  • Social media is being used aggressively by 92% of companies for searching and screening candidates.

The recruiters spent most of 2018 in familiarising themselves with Artificial Intelligence (AI). A Korn Ferry global survey revealed 69% of recruiters believe AI helps in garnering higher-quality candidates.

This year, AI products became more widely integrated and available in ATS, CRM, and HRM marketplaces. Let us discuss how AI in recruitment will take 2019 by storm:

1) High-volumes tasks to get automated

Have you heard of the phrase “doing more with less”?

That’s precisely what recruiters are set to practice when the hiring volume increases in 2019. 56% of talent acquisition specialists revealed that even though the recruitment targets are more next year, they have no plans to expand their recruiting teams.

That’s because an AI-powered technology can automate time-consuming tasks like resume screening and shortlisting candidates that could normally take 23 hours of a recruiter’s time for a single candidate.

2) Recruiter-candidate relationship to get better

In 2014, 6% of candidates who applied for a job in Virgin Media pulled out their application because of a lousy experience with the recruiters. The same cost the company not just time but also GBP4mn!

Five years later, AI-powered recruiting tools are going to take a friendlier approach for contacting those candidates that are passive but happen to be an excellent fit for an organization.

Empass uses AI-based technologies to evaluate candidates remotely and help identify the most suitable and genuinely engaged ones by conducting video and audio interviews and short technical and aptitude tests.

The system help recruiters in nurturing such candidates further and building a relationship with them so that they can be successfully converted into employees of the organisation.

3) Chatbots to become a “mobile-friendly” function

According to Grand View Research, the chatbot market size is estimated to touch $ 1.25bn by 2025. The statistic isn’t surprising since 63% of people consider messaging a bot to communicating with an organization.

In 2018, the recruitment industry witnessed a rise in the use of chatbots for pre-screening and pre-qualifying candidates. The AI functionality has enabled recruiters to not only save a lot of time but also to improve the candidate experience they represent.

A survey by Allegis confirms that 66% of job applicants are comfortable interacting with a chatbot. It looks like the recruitment industry is ready for mass adoption.

4) Candidate bias to get eliminated

When humans are involved, emotions tend to creep in irrespective of industry or processes. Bias is enormous in the recruitment industry, and whether you like it or not, it is difficult not to let our judgment be clouded by bias – especially when it comes to hiring the right candidate!

Thankfully, some AI-powered hiring solutions enable a human bias-free recruitment process by matching the candidate’s qualities to the criteria set by the company. If the score is high, the candidate goes a step further in the hiring process. Otherwise, he or she is eliminated early on thereby minimizing the time spent in matchmaking for both employers as well as the applicant.

5) Candidate sourcing to get more effective

Have you noticed how recruiters waste their time in reaching out to those professionals who are not even looking for a job change? You will be surprised to know that 95% of professionals who are approached with a new job opportunity are not interested.

With the help of AI-powered tools, recruiters can attract such passive applicants without being overly ‘pushy’. Such tools can also eliminate the need for the applicants to physically travel at the preliminary stage and spend a long time with no feedback on why they were eliminated.

Many such tools like AItools can also provide the applicants with real-time feedback on why they did not make it. The last one is cited as one of the  ‘biggest’ reason they refuse job interview calls from recruiters.

Finally, just screening or assessing on a single criteria (e.g. technical skill) could be one big reason for cultural or social misfits getting onboard and then leading to attrition. With mobile-based assessment tools, employers can significantly improve the quality of candidates by not only evaluating their technical skills but also analysing their facial & speech emotions as an indicator of the quality and authenticity of the applicant much prior to engaging the best ones for a longer, more meaningful in-person interaction.

Over to you

While no one wants to hire inappropriate candidates for their organisation, the recruitment process in itself requires to change and employ new-age solutions to get to the best fit, faster. Many AI-driven solutions can genuinely help free up the time of recruiters, reduce time and hiring costs while augmenting the recruiter’s efforts.

Empass Hire solves recruitment problems using mobile and AI on a single platform. Want to see how it can benefit your organisation? Go here.

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