Skills recruiters want all job seekers to demonstrate

Preparing oneself to get hired is a skill that very few people have been able to ace. No matter how talented or qualified you are, a recruiter always looks beyond your resume. So it is vitally important for you to have a stellar personality outside of your work life as well.

You see – it is not the college degree or school awards recruiters are interested in. Of course – your academic achievements matter but they don’t define your career graph in any way. But recruiters are always enamoured by those who really stand out.

Learn how…

Are you a leader?

Anyone who embarks on a professional journey is expected to grow and head a team eventually in the future. Naturally, the recruiter prefers to bring someone onboard who possesses leadership skills, so that he or she knows how to lead a team towards achieving not only individual goals but also business objectives.

Can you communicate?

In this world of cut-throat competition, a potential employee is expected to have fluent communication skills. Be it written, spoken or auditory – a successful employee must be able to present his or her thoughts and opinions clearly and concisely. He or she must also be able to listen to others closely.

Are you a problem solver?

The candidate is expected to display an ability to take a logical and analytical approach towards solving problems and resolving issues. It’s also good to show that he or she can seek to solve problems from different angles. If a candidate takes the challenges in stride, he or she is definitely welcomed!

Are you organized?

If a candidate can prioritise work efficiently and yield productive results – then this is a good sign. It shows that he or she knows where to pay attention and what work to get done first. The recruiter always prefers someone who can actually meet all deadlines without much hassle and contribute to the organizational growth.

Are you analytical?

Companies always look for candidates with exceptional analytical and quantitative skills. If he or she enjoys working with data and research, then the candidate with be preferred to others. The skill to identify, evaluate and pose solutions to complex issues in the past is greatly applauded.

Over to you

Whether or not you have these skills, there’s always a way to assess them and work on them. But how? A global skill development platform like Empass can help you achieve that. The fact that it tests your existing recall, comprehension, analytical abilities in one core skill at a time in a fun, game-like manner on a smartphone makes it convenient and reliable.

So, go ahead: start work on yourself and see notice how quickly top-notch recruiters start buzzing around you.


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