How Do Freshers Trump A Job? Everyone Wants To Know!

In an age and time where startups have populated the market, freshers have witnessed a significant jump in their pay package in 2016 over the previous year and the number of jobs offered. From technology and operations to digital marketing and finance – all departments of a typical startup mostly have freshers working hard to make the business a success.

Similarly, big corporations such as TCS, Cognizant and Wipro pick fresh graduates in bulk, besides getting experienced talent on-board. Here are a few reasons why fresh graduates have become eye candies for hiring departments:

1. They are a confident lot – trust us!

Doesn’t the word “freshers” already make you feel good? Correct! Be it ideas, approach or attitude – freshers bring freshness to the table. Combine this with their sky-high confidence, and they are a perfect fit for any organizational setup.

2. They want to learn and are open to getting trained.

Though many brush them off for their lack of experience, they forget that is actually freshers’ biggest advantage. They are like a sponge – ready to absorb every advice or information thrown at them.

They are easy to train as they don’t come with any preconceived notions or learnings that are sometimes difficult to unlearn. Not only this, they are tech savvy and always on the lookout for ways to acquire knowledge – whether it is through watching TED Talks videos or taking skill-based quizzes on a mobile app!

3. They are self-motivated & energetic.

Freshers know they lack experience; hence don’t hesitate in putting in long hours at work. They’re motivated and hardworking. Whatever task is assigned to them appears important and they make sure they give their 100 percent. They do not mind pushing themselves and others a little bit more than the usual to get things done. They are a dynamic lot indeed!

4. They are like a breath of fresh air.

Fresh minds also bring a lot of innovation to an organization, apart from the cheerful atmosphere they create in an otherwise boring office space. This not only improves moods, but also ultimately improves performance of employees.

5. They like taking risks.

Freshers have just stepped into the professional world, and therefore have no inhibitions. They are ready to take big chances that might make or break their profiles. They are ready to question everything and voice their opinions at every step and this is what makes them so inquisitive. It gives them a higher chance of cracking a solution to a problem and pushing the business forward.

6. Hiring teams are in for a treat!

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